1. Saaremaa Opera Days

Saaremaa Opera Festival (Estonian: Saaremaa ooperipäevad) is an international music festival which focuses on opera music. The festival takes place in Kuressaare, Saaremaa, Estonia. This festival is the oldest music festival in Estonia focused on opera music. Since 2008, the festival has been organised by Eesti Kontsert.

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2. Muhu Future Music Festival

The festival on the Muhu Island was founded in 1997 primarily to preserve, introduce and connect the fragile cultural heritage of the islanders with the practices of world culture. The concert programs are often highlighted with audiovisual aids and shift between the terms of classical, jazz and world music. The concerts are held at the historical St. Catherine's Church, Muhu muusikatalu, on the yard of Nautse Mihkli Cottage, Pädaste Manson and Village of Koguva.

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3. Maritime Days

Kuressaare Maritime Festival, held on Raiekivi Säär peninsula, has been a consistent delight every August for 23 years already for the locals and visitors alike.The first festival took place in 1997. The Maritime Festival is based on the small Baltic Sea and highlights the long voyages and explorations of Estonians and the trips across the ocean by the Saaremaa seamen. You can watch the traditional marine festival regatta and demonstrations of different vessels in the yacht marina. Kids can have fun at the Kuressaare beach and park.

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4. Saaremaa Food Festival

Even though summer will be over by September, Saaremaa still [[0]] everyone. Saaremaa Food Festival is an exciting 11-day programme, the motto of which is ‘a happy eater also makes happy food’. There is something for everyone in the programme: Saaremaa Restaurant Week, Cake Concert, Market Day, village centres, special dinners, Kuressaare Street Picnic, Children’s restaurant, and more.

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5. Kuressaare Chamber Music Days

The Kuressaare Chamber Music Festival is the oldest and internationally acknowledged chamber music festival in Estonia. Organised since 1995, the festival started the tradition of music festivals in Saaremaa and contributes to the popularization of chamber concerts in Estonia. Side by side with Estonian musicians, choirs and orchestras, the festival presents the soloists and chamber ensembles from Argentina, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, Great Britain, Romania, Turkey, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Japan and Baltic States. The artistic director of the festival is Andres Paas.

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6. Saaremaa Rally

The first car rally on the island of Saaremaa was held in 1974. Since 1993 the event has been an international one and gone by the name 'Saaremaa Rally'. This year's rally will include drivers from Finland. In the past the island's roads have played host to Sebastian Lindholm-Pertti Lahtinen and women's world champion Eija Jurvanen. No rally has ever been held without the Kaugatuma-Toomalõuka speed trials, which are what the Saaremaa Rally is best known for. The town trial - which was first run in 1980 - has regained popularity in recent years.

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7. Midsummer Night Bonfires

Midsummer or St. John's Day, Jaanipäev as it is known in Estonia, is one of the oldest local celebrations. Late June is the perfect time for a holiday in the blooming nature where days extend into nights, with barely any darkness in sight. Cities are totally empty and the countryside is filled with bonfires, dance and laughter. There is a very popular song in Estonia that goes like this: "there is nothing better in the world than Saaremaa meadow in a June night". The ferry connection is frequent between mainland and Saaremaa but around midsummer weekend it is advised to book ferry tickets ahead.

8. Parasummer

Parasummer is the largest parachute camp in the Baltics and will take place every summer in Kuressaare, Saaremaa. Beautiful sea views, a public landing on a sandy beach in front of hundreds of people and many great jumps are the keywords of Parasummer.

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9. Gardening and Flower Festival

Kuressaare flower festival is an annual event that promotes biodiversity and sustainable development of the environment. At Kuressaare flower festival people are taught about the ways to help develop biodiversity and how to engage in sustainable gardening.

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10. Mototoober

An international motorcycle gathering gathers every summer at the Karujärve campsite. People from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia and the Nordic countries will gather for the gathering. Many spectators are attracted by the motorcycle parade, which starts in Kuressaare and ends in Karujärv.

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